Access Statement

Brookside Guest House Brixham.

From parking the car at the front of the Guest House, there is a slight slope approaching the front door.

On entering through the front door you have to step over a small rim of the door frame. Once in the porch you then have one small step to gain access into the main guest house.

Room One (Junior Suite) is the only room that is located on the ground floor, along with the breakfast room.

To gain access to the Premier Suite, Double Room and the Single Room you have to climb the stairs - there are fourteen steps with banisters on either side to hold onto.

Once at the top of the first floor, there is a level walkway to all rooms. All our bathrooms have showers only - which require you to take one small step into the shower.

Should you wish to use the garden then proceed out of the front door, turn right and through the gate on the side of the guesthouse.
From the gate there is a very small slope downwards before walking on a level surface down the side of the house.  At night time, this passage is lit.
As you approach the back of the house, there are two small steps up onto the new deck – this deck is much more stable and a lot less slippery.  

Having crossed the deck there are two steps down to the patio area.  There is a hand rail to the right for assistance. 

Should you wish to use the spa facilities i.e. the Sauna or Hot tub then you will have one step up to gain access to these facilities.

Please feel free to use all the seating areas within the garden at your leisure.