Local Restaurants

Below please find details of a few local restaurants however, this list is constantly changing and further information will be sent once a booking for Brookside Guest House is received.

Rockfish - 01803 850872
Located at the top of the harbour and prehaps the closest restaurant to the source of fish in the UK.  Rockfish Brixham sits above the world famous fish market overlooking the boats as they land their catch. Fabulous views overlooking the sea. 

Shoals Restaurant on the Lido -  01803 854874
Shoals Restaurant offers fresh fish sourced locally and from their own family trawler.  They also serve meat and vegetarian dishes.  A fabulous restaurant with beautiful views over Torbay.  Very friendly and quite small so an advanced booking is a must.  Located just a 20 minute walk from the harbour although they do also have a car park.

Alberos - 01803 882753
Very nice Italian restaurant located in the corner of the harbour.  Good food but extremely popular and again, an advanced booking is a must.  

Beamers - 01803 854777
Very nice restaurant situated within the harbour bowl and on an upper floor - stairs to get up.  Quite pricey but again,good views over the harbour.  Advanced booking essential, especially if you would like a window table.  Lots of fish but meat alternatives also. There are new owners but hopefully the standards will remain.  Definitely worth a try

Prince William - 01803 854468
A very popular pub with a lot of outdoor seating alongside the harbour.  Great views and the last place the sun sets so very popular.  Obviously for either a drink or dinner.  They serve meals outside up until about 7 pm (this is all via a QR code linking your phone to their menu - for both drinks & dinner), but you can also book tables inside and have a conventional menu experience.  Reasonably priced, very varied menu - only criticism is the food is sometimes a bit slow coming. 

Manor Pub - 07462 861674
A good pub and one of the oldest in Brixham.  Situated up a side street next to the Wine Loft - great for atmosphere and a drink and on occasions, dancing. Just started serving light bites.

Simply Fish - 01803 859585
A very nice fish restaurant offering speciality fish as well as the normal "chip shop" fish.  Very popular however, a little pricey considering it is just an upmarket "fish n chip" shop .... but it is Brixham fish after all!

Quay 57 – has closed and has been taken over by La Petite Maison – 01803 882811
A French restaurant – opened on the 31st March 2023  https://www.brixhambistro.co.uk
We have now had the opportunity to eat at this restaurant and can honestly say, it is very good. The menu for dinner was great with a nice selection of classic French dishes. The atmosphere was really good and the staff very attentive. All in all, a great vibe and definitely one not to be missed.    

AT Thai - 01803 858936
This fairly new Thai restaurant is located in Middle Street offering very nice food
at reasonable prices.

JRs - 01803 853131
Located near Beamers and like Beamers is up a fairly steep set of stairs -  restaurant serves both meat & fish dishes.

The Cowshed - 01803 859 679
Very nice casual restaurant serving a variety of meals, both meat and fish. 

There are other restaurants : Liberty's, Rio's Fish n Chips, Migels (Spanish Tapas), Brixham Fish, Casa Nostra (Italian) - we have not experienced any of these but they all seem to be very popular.

In addition there are some pubs serving food in the Harbour bowl - The Blue Anchor, The Bullers Arms, The Old Market House